About Us

Our History

Founded in 2007

We were founded in 2007 with the conviction that we could improve the electronic signs that had led the market by offering a better customer service and higher quality products.

We focus our efforts on designing and manufacturing products for local customers, who collaborated with us to gradually refine the details of each product and improve our stock.

After a difficult start we got a sustained growth that has enabled us to make investments in infrastructures and qualified staff, thanks to whom we could expand our range of products and increase our production capacity.

The excellent sales results are mainly due to successful business partnerships with pharmaceutical equipment installers throughout our national territory, thanks to 'word of mouth', installers have known beforehand that we are a serious and reliable company.

Cruces de Farmacia

Today we continue to expand and improve our stock of products and services for pharmacies, veterinary clinics, gas stations, optical, drugstores, medical centers, dental clinics, etc.